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Cross-border Partnership for Environmental Protection and Better Quality of Life

with acronim Waste EDU

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Project Description

LEAD BENEFICIARY: Alliance of the producers of ecological energy – BG

PROJECT BENEFICIARY: Center for Climate Change

DURATION: 15 months (October 2016 – January 2018)

FUNDING ORGANIZATION: INTERREG IPA CBC Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Programme (CCI Number: 2014TC16ISCB006)

TOTAL BUDGET: 59 629.78 Euro


To increase both the level of awareness and knowledge of the project target groups and stakeholders for environment protection by promoting actions related to waste management, reducing and recycling waste.

  • To establish an integrated approach in support ofenvironmental education and community driven actions for removal of illegal dump sites and pollution prevention
  • To improve the awareness and raise the interest on topics such as environmental protection, waste prevention and recycling
  • To address common issues and deficiencies related to waste management education and awareness about waste selection and recycling in educational institutions in the cross-border region of BG and MK
  • To foster the active participation of young people on issues related to environmental protection
  • Implementation of an educational and promotional campaign among educational institutions in the CB area of Bulgaria and Macedonia;
  • Elaboration of equipment for separate waste disposal and collection in educational institutions of the CB area in Bulgaria and Macedonia;
  • Development of joint training programme for informal learning “WasteEDU”
  • Organization ofJoint Green School and Camps "WasteEDU” in Bulgaria and Macedonia;
  • Development of WASTE@EDUweb-portal;
  • Development of asoftware for mapping of illegal landfills and other polluted areas;
  • Development of an EduBook “Lifecycle of waste” – specially designed for students“
  • Organization of Discussion Forum on “Waste management in the CB area-deficiencies in the education of the young generations” in Macedonia
  • Organization of Final Conference in Bulgaria “Cross-border exchange of experience in the field of waste management”.
  • Implemented wide information and promotional campaign among educational institutions on the territory of the cross-border region in BG and MK;
  • Increased interest of young people towards the issues related to waste reducing, recycling and prevention;
  • Improved awareness and knowledge of younger generations on the topics concerning environmental protection, waste prevention and recycling;
  • Fostered direct involvement and participation of young people in environmental protection campaigns;
  • Fostered experience and best practices exchange between various stakeholders related to environmental education of the cross-border area in BG and MK.

Project Implementation